Corcoran Connectors Ltd
Rapid Structural Connector Technology


We design and develop custom-made, load-bearing, structural connectors

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Why choose Corcoran Connectors?

Our simple-to-use, cost-effective connectors enable rapid build and breakdown of structural assemblies, including trussing, motor vehicles, flat-pack furniture, factory equipment and temporary installations.

What benefits can our range of connectors offer?

  • Energy-saving push-fit connection requiring no tools or power
  • Reductions in labour costs due to shorter build and breakdown time
  • Design simplicity for cost-effective production and high-load capability
  • Re-usability and durability
  • Additional safety with dual-action lock release and integrated load sensors
  • Ergonomic design for use in difficult environments including underwater/extreme climates
  • Greater efficiency in transportation
  • Easier recycling and re-use of components
  • Waste reduction through easier disassembly of components

 What can our connectors join?

Use our connectors to join tubing end to end; tube wall to tube end; tube wall to tube wall; tube end to flat panel; panel to panel; two panels pressed together; panel edges; aluminium extrusions; awnings to frameworks; awnings to awnings; modular structures; framework structures; and more...

Our connectors are divided into two main categories:

Framework connectors used in rapid deployable and temporary demountable structures
Sustainability connectors for use in manufacture where efficient product assembly and disassembly is required to increase potential for closed-loop life-cycle and simplified recycling.

We specialise in making connectors that can be re-used time and again - in 10 minutes or 10 years.

How do we work?

We use a range of 3D-printed nylon prototypes to demonstrate the diversity of potential applications for our unique connectors. As our connectors are designed individually to suit a specific end use, we have devised a way to work with you to select the attributes of our connectors which best suit your intended application.

Our working process usually follows the following format:

 1.     Sign a mutual Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality agreement before our first meeting. This protects both parties and enables uncomplicated future development decisions.

2.      Agree an accurate design brief to establish feasibility.

3.     CCL designs a connector to suit your application and project costs and timings are calculated.

4.     Produce 3D-printed polymer prototypes (invoice point).

5.     Assess viability, introduce additions or alterations, then create further 3D printed prototypes if required (invoice point).

6.      Build CNC-machined pre-production prototypes for field assessment (invoice point)

7.      Produce 500-off (or more) completed units within a given time frame (invoice point)

During this development process, we discuss project direction and development, design detail, costings, IP protection, distribution potential, exclusivity and, importantly, product testing and certification.

To discuss how we can help you, please email: 
or telephone +44 (0)1753 547090